I knew how much we loved the Orange Juice Wedding cake which I shared a couple of weeks back again, but had no idea y’all were heading to think it’s great just as much as you do. Mother’s been making that thing for a long time and I’ve just always loved it a lot, however, the comments and email messages I’ve become show y’all are just like in love with it!      

Among the comments that I acquired was from Cheryl Griffis. She asked easily experienced ever swapped the orange juice out for pineapple juice. “GENIUS,” I thought. THEREFORE I got in your kitchen and attempt to do that.

I made a few tweaks to capitalize on everything delicious pineapple taste and boy achieved it come out amazing!! I believe this one may advantage out the orange juice version, but I’ve been an enormous pineapple lover.

The super damp cake is infused with pineapple flavor in the batter and the butter-pineapple glaze it gets soaked in amps that pineapple flavor up even more!

I took these photos and could have eaten 2 pieces… alright, 3. If you’re a lover of the orange juice version and love pineapple, I wager you’re heading to devours this. Significantly. Y’all enjoy!